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Professional Pilot

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This third edition contains the latest cockpit and airport procedures as well as recent advancements in communications and navigation equipment. FITS (FAA/Industry Training Standards) are also now included, and information has been added to prepare pilots for today’s state-of-the-art “TAA” (technically-advanced aircraft) and VLJs (very-light jets).

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Professional Pilot is about decision making. Far from your typical textbook on aerodynamics and systems, this book takes you right up front to learn from a master turbine pilot who’s been there.  Include:
• Take-off V-speeds and the real physics of takeoff performance.
• Handling runway contamination.
• Cruise speed and fuel control in turbine aircraft.
• High altitude flight dynamics.
• The dangers of high altitude physiology.
• Managing icing conditions and the inadequacy of the regs in making real-world decisions about those conditions.
• Surviving emergencies such as rapid decompression and in-flight fire.


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