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Private Pilot Test Prep 2017

270.00 ฿

Study questions for the Private, Sport, and Recreational Pilot FAA Knowledge exam, supported with answers and explanations.

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Use Test Prep 2017, Private Pilot for the following Knowledge Exams:
•Private Pilot – Airplane
•Sport Pilot – Airplane
•Private Pilot – Helicopter
•Sport Pilot – Balloon
•Private Pilot – Gyroplane
•Sport Pilot – Glider
•Private Pilot – Glider
•Sport Pilot – Airship
•Private Pilot – Balloon – Hot Air
•Sport Pilot – Powered Parchute
•Private Pilot – Balloon – Gas
•Sport Pilot – Weight-Shift Control
•Private Pilot – Airship
•Sport Pilot – Gyroplane
•Private Pilot – Powered Parachute
•Recreational Pilot – Airplane
•Private Pilot – Weight-Shift Control
•Recreational Pilot – Helicopter
•Private Pilot Airplane/Recreational Pilot – Transition
•Recreational Pilot – Gyroplane
•Private Pilot Gyroplane/Recreational Pilot – Transition
•Private Pilot Helicopter/Recreational Pilot – Transition
•Private Pilot Canadian Conversion


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